The BTS Blog

June 19, 2009

What the BTS Management Blog is: A place for thoughtful discussions and debates about our industry, our health and our future from 30,000 feet.

What the BTS Management Blog is not: A place for rants and personal attacks that focus on the small, insignificant issues from the runway level.


Rich Boggs
CEO & Chief Cheerleader
Educated (many will question this) at Georgia Tech and armed with an MBA from UNC Chapel Hill, Rich began his career with ten frustrating years in the corporate world. In ‘76 (1976, not 1876) he discovered his passion for fitness and the club industry. The rest is ancient history. As the Chief Cheerleader of Body Training Systems, Rich spends his days “working on important deals” (translation: surfing the Internet) and encouraging the rest of the BTS team. Rich is an avid Power, Ride, Centergy and Active participant. Married for 44 years to his college sweetheart, Libby, they make their home in Atlanta and have three adult children – a son in San Francisco, a daughter in New York and a daughter in Atlanta – and two grandsons, Charlie and Henry and one granddaughter, Sophie.

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