Body Training Systems’ (BTS) mission is quite simple, to get more people moving! Let’s Move! is more than a catchy slogan or tag line to us, it is a way of life we embrace.

BTS is people. We’re a team of over 70 professionals with over 30 years industry experience dedicated to one goal – your success – and we pursue that success with spirit and passion. Buy into BTS and you buy into us.

We work directly with clubs and instructors, while hundreds of thousands of people experience our products each and everyday. We provide Branded Group Fitness Systems to Improve Clubs’ Profitability.

BTS puts it all together in a carefully designed system of proven effectiveness. It’s a System of Management, Training, Programming and Marketing that works. You’ll see it in class. You’ll see it in profits.

Today we have a series of group fitness programs that are carefully designed to deliver a simple, fun and effective social exercise experience independent of barriers like gender, age or fitness level. Group Power®, Group Kick®, Group Ride™, Group Centergy®, Group Step®, Group Groove® and our newest program, Group Active™ are the new fitness phenomenons.

BTS has a very diverse, experience-rich background which enables us to understand club operations, programming, products and marketing effectiveness, and channel this into powerful systems to grow your business.

Our journey began in the 70’s with the company’s genesis in the drive, passion, spirit and frustration of Rich Boggs. After experiencing 10 years of the corporate world through the likes of Proctor & Gamble and Bristol-Myers, Rich’s tremendous entrepreneurial spirit was too controlled and his health and weight too out of control.

Rich decided to get moving! In the mid-70s, this need for change led to the development of Sportslife®, The Science of Good Health. This chain of seven full-service health clubs in metro Atlanta serviced over 45,000 members and now is known as Crunch Fitness®. For nearly 15 years, the experience of owning and operating clubs provided us a tremendous foundation for the application of our systems to clubs today.

In the late 80’s, a phenomenon was beginning to take shape in our clubs. Aerobic classes on wooden benches! To capture this excitement and share it with everyone, we developed The STEP®, which was sold into over 20,000 clubs in the US and around the world. The STEP has become a fitness staple for literally millions of participants every week.

Through The STEP we learned all about “fitness phenomena” at the same time we were creating ours. We watched firsthand as thousands of our club members went to STEP class while we, on the other hand, went to school.

We saw the power of people in groups. How this impacted the club and increased retention, sales and profits; how it impacted the participant as a viable way to start exercising, and continue exercising. This led to the systematic approach of BTS’ products today. Many of the clubs we work with experience over 50% of their total visits through group fitness. Systematic brilliance for systematic results!

Through the work of Sportslife, The STEP Company and BTS, Rich Boggs, our passionate CEO and Chief Cheerleader, and the company are very fortunate and honored to have been recognized with numerous awards. These awards include The Small Business Person of the Year for East Cobb County; The Industrial Design Association Bronze Medal Award for the design of The STEP; Regional Entrepreneur of the Year by Inc. Magazine, Ernst and Young and Merrill Lynch; The International Health Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) 1991 Associate Member of the Year for having the most significant contribution to the health club industry; and Gold’s Gym 2003 award for the Top Program to Generate Sales.

This is our 4th decade in our industry. We fundamentally believe in getting more people moving. We pursue this through partnering with you and focusing on your success. It is our commitment. It is our life.

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